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  • If they could not remain in office it will make them quieter for some time. Cited from Letters of Queen Victoria, Volume 1 (of 3), 1837-1843, Queen Victoria
  • She became quieter and passed much time in her room alone. Cited from Boy Woodburn, by Alfred Ollivant
  • By this time the other children had become quieter, having seen that nothing much had happened. Cited from The Bobbsey Twins at Home, by Laura Lee Hope
  • His decision to leave the band was to continue a quieter life with friends and family.
  • In quieter times she continued her teaching and other good works.
  • We had a quieter time than before, and only lost one killed and nine wounded during the tour. Cited from The Fifth Leicestershire, by J.D. Hills
  • You must be quieter than a mouse if you want to see him. Cited from "Wee Tim'rous Beasties", by Douglas English
  • But in a moment his new friend's face assumed a quieter expression. Cited from Crowded Out o' Crofield, by William O. Stoddard
  • Here he led a quieter version of his former life.
  • At a quieter pace the four women followed and more slowly still the other four men. Cited from Gideon's Band, by George W. Cable
  • However, quieter running was felt to be a positive trade off for the reduced speed.
  • Then she happened to remember that she must not make too much noise, and she grew quieter. Cited from Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store, by Laura Lee Hope
  • Also, it pulled them together, and they got some quieter sleep afterwards. Cited from My War Experiences in Two Continents, by Sarah Macnaughtan
  • She grew quieter; it appeared on the whole they were getting on. Cited from The Lovely Lady, by Mary Austin
  • The games lived through a quieter time period between the late 1960s and the early 1970s.
  • Then Joe grew quieter, and with relief she saw he was ready to stay home. Cited from His Second Wife, by Ernest Poole
  • After a while things became a little quieter in the store, after the first surprise had worn off. Cited from Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store, by Laura Lee Hope
  • I had noticed that all day he had seemed very much quieter and more cheerful. Cited from The Dark Forest, by Hugh Walpole
  • Many companies had left long before Sun Life did, only on a much quieter, private basis.
  • His voice was quieter than before, if that were possible. Cited from Winner Take All, by Larry Evans
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