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  • The Children are alle sent away to keep the House quiete. Cited from Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary, by Anne Manning
  • The area offers quiete a variety of attractions for tourists.
  • Her petition was endorsed with these words, Habeat quiete totum -- Let her quietly have the whole.
  • La Quiete is an Italian screamo and hardcore band, which shares members with Raein.
  • Her first Italian film was Valerio Zurlini's La prima notte di quiete.
  • Raein is an Italian screamo band that featured members from screamo act La Quiete and the post rock band Neil on Impression.
  • His book "La concordia tra la fatica e la quiete" speaks about meditation, its techniques and its aims, and is one of the best works on this subject.
  • Le armi del Baldiron e del Feria ricomposero per allora la quiete. Cited from Il Sacro Macello di Valtellina, by Cesare Cantu'
  • He immediately recalled Violante Beatrice to Florence and banished his sister to the Villa La Quiete.
  • Blessed be simple life, withouten dreid; Blessed be sober feast in quiete; Who has enough, of no more has he need, Though it be little into quantity. Cited from Less-known British Poets, Vol. 1, by Gilfillan
  • Consequently, the Electress was compelled to abandon her apartment in the left wing of the royal palace, the Pitti, for the Villa La Quiete.
  • L'aria aperta, la quiete della vita campestre compierono la sua guarigione. Cited from Memorie del Presbiterio, by Emilio Praga
  • La prima notte di quiete, released in USA as Indian Summer is a 1972 Italian and French drama film directed by Valerio Zurlini.
  • Cadeva dal cielo la neve Con tutta la sua quiete. Cited from Without Prejudice, by Israel Zangwill
  • Era il Lautrec infatti; tutti si rimisero in quiete, in aspettazione di qualche gran cosa. Cited from Manfredo Palavicino, by Giuseppe Rovani
  • To-day we had the rare Event of a Dinner-guest; soe full of what the Rebels are doing, and alle the Horrors of Strife, that he seemed to us quiete Folks, like the Denizen of another World. Cited from Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary, by Anne Manning
  • Retiring from politics, in her old age, she made long stays in the convent of the Montalve, known as Villa La Quiete, as well as in the Villa del Poggio Imperiale, to which she transferred some of the art collection she had inherited.
  • Animus lavatur inde a curis multa quiete et tranquillitate fruens. Cited from The Anatomy of Melancholy, by Democritus Junior (Robert Burton)
  • In questi ultimi di` fu sempre cosi` torvo e agitato e terribile, ch'io non ho avuto un'ora, un momento solo di quiete. Cited from Manfredo Palavicino, by Giuseppe Rovani
  • After the death of Johann Wilhelm, Anna Maria Luisa returned to Florence, where she enjoyed the rank of first lady until the accession of her brother Gian Gastone, who banished her to the Villa La Quiete.
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