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  • For those who do not share this faith the very idea of progress becomes questionable.
  • When the corps broke out, it was ordered to do what many considered a very questionable act.
  • They subsequently lived together as a couple, although whether or not they were ever actually married remains questionable.
  • Their loved one is still alive but for how long is questionable.
  • In a very general sense I want to create a situation where reality itself becomes a questionable point.
  • Pressure to increase sales led to some questionable orders being accepted.
  • Other related characters, of questionable historical truth, appear in the narrative as well.
  • The company has drawn criticism for questionable science behind the claims of benefit of its products.
  • Yet whether the very same artists are responsible is questionable.
  • He notes that her actions were successful, but her methods were questionable.
  • However, it is more questionable if he indeed was carrying the "original" flag.
  • The band is currently composed of three characters from his comic, Questionable Content.
  • In a war, there are so many questionable things done.
  • However, this was not the end of the High Command's questionable activities.
  • You should use accepted instruments and practices to check the questionable parts of your show.
  • These standards were questionable because up until then, the emphasis had always been put on the driver.
  • A woman of highly questionable reputation, seen from Charles' point of view.
  • Large percentage of students seek these institutions, although the quality and standards of them remains questionable.
  • But it remains questionable if they will get together, since he hints to her that he is gay.
  • His hospital alibi had become questionable and his enemies wanted him dead.
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Meaning of questionable

  • adjective Subject to question
    questionable motives, a questionable reputation, a fire of questionable origin