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  • "When are they going to let me see my daughter?" he asked querulously. Cited from Magnificent Ambersons, by Booth Tarkington
  • "How did you know I had asked her?" asked his friend querulously. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • Somebody charged him in the back and asked querulously where he thought he was going. Cited from Man With Two Left Feet, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • He seated himself, and querulously inquired of my father what his business was. Cited from My Days of Adventure, by Ernest Alfred Vizetelly
  • At first she had been querulously impatient when no second communication came. Cited from A Rock in the Baltic, by Robert Barr
  • Then he turned querulously on his nephew, as soon as he was certain she was out of hearing. Cited from The Bad Man, by Charles Hanson Towne
  • "Look there, what do you think of that?" he asked querulously. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • Querulously he wondered where he was and what had taken place. Cited from Tangled Trails, by William MacLeod Raine
  • He spoke querulously, with the air of a much-injured man. Cited from The Ashiel mystery, by Mrs. Charles Bryce
  • "What have you done?" she demanded querulously, in not too soft a tone. Cited from The Treasure of Heaven, by Marie Corelli
  • I cried querulously, putting on my hat and moving to the door. Cited from The Soldier of the Valley, by Nelson Lloyd
  • As she was slipping through the door the sick man spoke again, querulously. Cited from Play the Game!, by Ruth Comfort Mitchell
  • She does not see that this is the same, and querulously murmurs his name. Cited from Sword Blades and Poppy Seed, by Amy Lowell
  • "Who's that?" she called out querulously in a thin voice. Cited from Sally Bishop, by E. Temple Thurston
  • She wanted neither water nor anything else, were all the thanks Lionel received, querulously spoken. Cited from Verner's Pride, by Mrs. Henry Wood
  • "Why need you go?" said she querulously, at length. Cited from Mary Barton, by Elizabeth Gaskell
  • "Did you get that treasure here -- since yesterday?" he asked at last querulously. Cited from The City of Delight, by Elizabeth Miller
  • SHE [querulously] You will never be able to match it. Cited from How He Lied to Her Husband, by George Bernard Shaw
  • In his old age he even grew querulously particular about these things -- asking a little more of human nature than it could quite accomplish. Cited from Adventures In Contentment, by David Grayson
  • "Where are you going?" asked the invalid, querulously, as his companion moved towards the door. Cited from The Shadow of the Rope, by E. W. Hornung
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