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  • He suddenly looked up rather queerly, and his eye went round the room. Cited from Twelve Stories and a Dream, by H. G. Wells
  • She acts so queerly about the girl we found on the street last night. Cited from People Like That, by Kate Langley Bosher
  • When I sat down next to her she used to look at me queerly. Cited from Marie Claire, by Marguerite Audoux
  • A short time before his end, however, he began to act queerly. Cited from The Empty House And Other Ghost Stories, by Algernon Blackwood
  • He seemed to lose interest in myself; when he did come over he would act queerly. Cited from The Blind Spot, by Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint
  • What made them behave so queerly, and why did they look so strange? Cited from Little Citizens, by Myra Kelly
  • His face was rather red and he looked at Brother and Sister queerly. Cited from Brother and Sister, by Josephine Lawrence
  • Now, all at once, queerly, it offered him something -- he knew not what. Cited from The Street Called Straight, by Basil King
  • The soldier looked at us a little queerly, and went back into the house. Cited from A Jolly Fellowship, by Frank R. Stockton
  • She's a dear, even if she does act queerly this week. Cited from Betty Wales Senior, by Margaret Warde
  • They had looked at one another queerly when they answered his questions. Cited from The Lions of the Lord, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • Before her level gaze eyes that had been focused queerly upon her fell. Cited from The Winds of Chance, by Rex Beach
  • "Do you really want me to answer your question?" she asked, looking at me queerly. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature & Science, Vol. 15, No. 87
  • Good Indian stopped, looked at her queerly, and went on again without saying a word. Cited from Good Indian, by B. M. Bower
  • Seems going very queerly, Although so short a time out of the stable. Cited from Punch, Vol. 103, November 26, 1892, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • Both boys changed color, and looked queerly, but they said nothing. Cited from Oscar, by Walter Aimwell
  • The Happy Family sat down again and looked queerly at one another. Cited from The Lonesome Trail and Other Stories, by B. M. Bower
  • Guy looked at his father queerly out of the corner of his eye. Cited from Hector's Inheritance, by Horatio Alger
  • I understood then why he acted so queerly about my flowers. Cited from Letters of a Woman Homesteader, by Elinore Pruitt Stewart
  • He looked at me queerly when I told my story. Cited from Wilderness Ways, by William J Long
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Meaning of queerly

  • adverb In a strange manner
    a queerly inscribed sheet of paper
  • adverb In a questionably unusual manner
    this money had been queerly come by