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  • These different poverty lines make data comparison between each nation's official reports qualitatively difficult.
  • The most notable problem is that often more than one qualitatively different model will give similar agreement with experimental data.
  • These results picture an evolution that is qualitatively similar to that, described above.
  • The retina's activity has been qualitatively divided and separated into two parts.
  • There are three qualitatively different ways in which this can occur.
  • This environment will be a qualitatively different one than that which existed before the development of these technologies.
  • There may also be ways to qualitatively improve on human reasoning and decision-making.
  • The study does show however that qualitatively conversion therapy can cause significant harm.
  • For specific problems effective theories may be written down which give qualitatively correct results in certain limits.
  • Of the foreign countries we found Germany best represented, quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Cited from To the Columbian Exposition, by J. S. Wisthaler
  • Such data, while relevant to residents are of a qualitatively different type.
  • A degenerate case is a special case which is in some way qualitatively different from almost all of the cases allowed.
  • Research changed qualitatively around the turn of the century as new methods, scientific theories and forms of practice changed the nature of research.
  • This coding of points would allow space to be perceived qualitatively, which would also help with movement.
  • This theory is rather rich in detail, but is qualitatively well understood.
  • A weak spring therefore causes the type of instability described qualitatively at the end of the previous section.
  • Such questions are more likely to be studied qualitatively.
  • In many physical and biological systems, qualitatively different influences can oppose each other.
  • Some consider industrial and post-industrial societies to be qualitatively different from traditional agricultural societies.
  • The current generation is qualitatively developed by the effective inputs of education and health.
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Meaning of qualitatively

  • adverb In a qualitative manner
    this discoloration qualitatively suggests that the substance is low in inorganic iron