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  • Info Putrefaction is one of seven stages in the decomposition of the body of a dead animal. more...
  • They were in a state of living putrefaction that would by itself have killed well men! Battle Studies, by C. Ardant du Picq
  • How long will it be before all the smell of putrefaction has gone and the water is clear again? Scientific American Supplement, Vol. 16, No. 417
  • While riding in his coach, he was struck with the idea that snow would arrest animal putrefaction. English Literature, by Henry Coppee
  • For twenty-eight hours no change supervened, although it was thought that a little putrefaction was observed. Scientific American Supplement, No. 497
  • Had I killed him, a partial putrefaction would have taken place before morning. Wanderings In South America, by Charles Waterton
  • Upon their being exposed to the air, putrefaction sets in and causes the harmful effect. Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 3
  • So ripe olives, when they are next to putrefaction, then are they in their proper beauty. Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius
  • The more we go forward, the more is everything turned terribly inside out, full of putrefaction, cataclysmic. Under Fire, by Henri Barbusse
  • After a thorough drying, putrefaction does not take place as long as it remains dry. Science in the Kitchen, by Mrs. E. E. Kellogg
  • Two or three of our wounded were found to be still alive, but with their wounds in a terrible state of putrefaction. With Steyn and De Wet, by Philip Pienaar
  • The exact rate of putrefaction is dependent upon many factors such as weather, exposure and location.
  • Only warlike nations march in the van of the world's progress -- prolonged peace has ever meant putrefaction. Brann The Iconoclast, William Cowper Brann
  • Quick corruption or long decay, and in either case death and putrefaction, are the end of these. Expositions of Holy Scripture: Luke, by Maclaren
  • But no; the world was not such a bed of putrefaction. Active Service, by Stephen Crane
  • When she died he could not endure to have her buried and the body remained lying in bed until the increasing putrefaction became unbearable.
  • The heart of that nation is dead, its soul hath departed, and no antiseptic known to science will prevent putrefaction. Brann The Iconoclast, William Cowper Brann
  • The remains of animals in a state of putrefaction were sometimes thrown in after them, to redouble the horror! Great Events by Famous Historians, V12,Ed. Johnson
  • Their worst feature was that "they possessed not wit enough to keep the mass of moral putrefaction sweet." Palamon and Arcite, by John Dryden
  • The fetus died at the time, and was born in an advanced state of putrefaction, by version, three months after the accident. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, Gould/Pyle
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  • noun A state of decay usually accompanied by an offensive odor