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  • Its function is still unknown, but putatively thought to be involved in cell growth.
  • Aristotle's theory of art is based on the use of putatively historical events and characters.
  • This particular network is distal from the active site and is therefore putatively not critical for function.
  • It is now thought to be one of many putatively assigned sebecosuchians that cannot be firmly placed within any one family.
  • A church at the site we originally built in the 12th-century, putatively at the site of a Roman temple.
  • Schools were closed and many youth were sent down to the countryside putatively to learn from the peasants.
  • He putatively died from a fall from a scaffold, although some sources date his death to six years after he stopped work on the canvas.
  • Eventually, putatively under pressure from an increasingly hostile congregation, they prepare to move to a city.
  • It lives right down to the coast from Washington to northern California in the absence of cold temperatures or the putatively necessary tree species.
  • The male component was only recently putatively identified as a member of the "F-box" protein family.
  • The fifth chapter analyzes various risks that putatively rule out a long-term human presence on Mars.
  • He has an affair with Ian despite being a married, putatively devout Muslim with children.
  • The genes, once putatively identified, can then be tested to see if their function is in fact similar to the initial gene of interest.
  • To the will was attached a second and separate page, putatively seeking to invalidate any subsequent wills.
  • This right was later putatively revoked when President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act into law.
  • He returned to Italy in 1886, putatively to join the army, and settled in Florence.
  • The leprosarium was putatively built because Roger II's brother died of Leprosy.
  • During this latter construction, the remains of St Giovanni Calibita, were putatively found under the main altar.
  • A one-piece sink/toilet constructed of welded, putatively stainless steel is also provided.
  • Series of his paintings are commonly used as examples in psychology textbooks to putatively show the change in his style as his psychological condition deteriorated.
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