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  • A re-release was purported to be coming in May according to the site.
  • This time it looked more like a literary circle than anything it had ever purported to be.
  • The origin of the design has often been purported as being medieval.
  • He is purported to have given the music the name by which it is known today - rock and roll.
  • Eventually the police launched another attack during which the worst of the violence is purported to have taken place.
  • During the last years, he has concentrated on writing about purported ancient mysteries.
  • These use less power and have a purported working life of ten years, but this may not in reality be the case.
  • His race were purported to have become beings of pure intelligence and thought.
  • Vision of Disorder also took issue with the purported lack of tour support by its record label.
  • It was some time later that a second letter, also purported to be from Jane, arrived.
  • There were also scenes that purported to show Jewish religious services.
  • It is purported that the now empty jail will be turned into a guest house.
  • These organizations have found that purported market timers in many cases do no better than chance, or even worse.
  • The purported reason was to protect him from foreign agents from the United States.
  • Many commercial products contain a secret ingredient that is purported to make them better than competing products.
  • He even wrote purported letters from biblical figures using contemporary French.
  • It is purported that the reason this was done was to allow sun to come into every room in the home at some point during the day.
  • This charity was selected after another refused because of the purported offensiveness of his show.
  • Beginning when he was still in office, efforts are continuing to try and find him guilty of purported crimes.
  • Stories of the creature are an example of a purported close encounter of the third kind.
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Root form of purported is purport for the verb.

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Meaning of purported

  • verb Have the often specious appearance of being, intending, or claiming
    The letter purports to express people's opinion