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  • French purple was developed in France at about the same time.
  • The association of gold with purple is natural and occurs frequently in literature.
  • Red and green form the third great contrast, and orange and purple the fourth.
  • White or purple may also be replaced by black.
  • The Clock Tower remains purple until a loss or until the end of the sports season.
  • The flowers may vary in colour with some being white, blue or purple.
  • By October, just four months after its release, Purple had sold three million copies.
  • Both the high school's and the middle school's colors are purple and white.
  • Over the next few years, the group went on to become a regular opening act for Deep Purple.
  • Real's traditional away colours are all blue or all purple.
  • Their team colors were announced to be purple, silver and black.
  • When the franchise began, it had a purple, black and white color scheme.
  • The head is purple if the shot of juice is placed in the glass first.
  • Purple Rain is the only feature film starring Prince that he did not direct.
  • The purple martin factory has been recently been sold to a Chicago businessman.
  • The two would eventually join forces during the Purple Rain recording sessions.
  • Here green is for six months of sobriety; purple is for nine months.
  • He was never recorded as being injured or wounded in combat and so never received a Purple Heart.
  • The most common colors are white, black, red and yellow or orange with green, dark blue or purple.
  • The away kit has always been predominantly white, sometimes with purple and red elements, sometimes all-white.
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Meaning of purple

  • noun A purple color or pigment
  • noun Of imperial status
    he was born to the purple
  • verb Become purple
  • verb Color purple