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  • Info Purleigh is a village on the Dengie peninsula about south of Maldon in the English county of Essex. more...
  • In the following year his parishioners at Purleigh cited him for non-residence, and he lost the living.
  • In time he became a fellow and lector of Brasenose College, and presently obtained the good living of Purleigh. Cited from The True George Washington [10th Ed.], by Paul Leicester Ford
  • There are extensive vineyards in Purleigh, owned and operated by New Hall Vineyards.
  • Purleigh although it had been left to John Denys, was subject to an annual charge payable to Sheen, as provided for in the will.
  • Administratively, Cold Norton forms part of the Purleigh ward in the district of Maldon.
  • Administratively, North Fambridge forms part of the ward of Purleigh in the district of Maldon.
  • Of these, Fyfield, Purleigh & Stisted are definitely still going strong.
  • It is located on the western (inland) end of the Dengie peninsula and forms part of the Purleigh ward in the Maldon district.
  • Following his ejection from Purleigh, Washington became rector of the impoverished parish of Little Braxted in Essex.
  • James Bonnell was lord of the manor of Purleigh in 1759.
  • This is situated directly south of Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, south-east of Denys's manor of Purleigh.
  • Washington's services to Laud earned him an appointment to the well-compensated rectory of Purleigh in Essex, a position he assumed in 1632.
  • Another Purleigh splinter group established the Whiteway Colony in 1898, funded by a Quaker journalist.
  • With the provostship came a canonry at Rochester Cathedral and the living of Purleigh in Essex.
  • About the same time he married a daughter of Sir Robert Payne of Midloe in Huntingdonshire, and became 'settled minister' of Purleigh in Essex, a valuable living.
  • Some years after leaving Wickham's Farm, Maude would express doubts about communal living, feeling it could only succeed with a strong leader or shared traditions, and he called the Purleigh commune a "queer colony".
  • There were Osbornes -- before there were Osbornes of Chicksands -- who, coming out of the north, settled at Purleigh in Essex, where we find them in the year 1442. Cited from The Love Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple, 1652-54,Parry
  • On the Dissolution of Sheen Priory, the income from Purleigh provided by Denys's bequest required reassignment.
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