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  • It also features in Irish traditional music, either purely or almost so.
  • The second type of resolution is a purely private agreement between the parties involved.
  • Whether this relationship was purely a friendship or otherwise has not been fully revealed.
  • The British Army is purely a professional force since National service came to an end.
  • Starting one's own business is purely a financial matter, rather than being dependent on status.
  • This covers only devices which both sense and control using purely mechanical means.
  • They moved beyond being purely philosophical to becoming major political forces after becoming involved in the cause of reform.
  • At the time, there was no state highway system, since roads were purely a local responsibility.
  • This commercial success came after the band had released three experimental and purely instrumental albums.
  • Purely indigenous music has almost entirely disappeared, replaced by that of European influence.
  • Education was carried out for almost purely religious purposes.
  • Few purely literary men can have entered the Academy with so few credentials.
  • However, extinct languages may be in effect purely written when only their writings survive.
  • The decision to call themselves stad has been taken purely for image/marketing reasons.
  • However not everything he did was a purely realistic representation of his day-to-day environment.
  • Struggle for a federal system was also emphasized to take place purely through legal channels.
  • Many scientists opposed strategic defense on moral or political rather than purely technical grounds.
  • The route was purely commercial and there was no exploration of the areas to the north and south.
  • A purely imaginary number is a complex number whose real part is zero.
  • "There are other ways that order and design can come about" such as by "purely physical forces".
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