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  • After his father purchased some land and built a house, the new family settled in.
  • They see every commercial activity other than the final purchase as some form of production.
  • In most states, a person cannot purchase a policy on another person without their knowledge.
  • Japan had been reported as being interested in the purchase of three aircraft.
  • However, goods can usually be purchased for a high rate on the black market.
  • He purchased a commission in the army, but sold it without serving.
  • He purchased a horse rather than going by stage coach.
  • Since then two other land purchases have been made to make up the current park.
  • Duty-free goods are available for purchase on travel to and from the island.
  • In recent years some service stations have required customers to purchase their fuel first.
  • Several times Charles was forced to purchase their retreat at a heavy price.
  • The New Zealand Company tried to claim that they had purchased the land.
  • These started in the late 1980s, as more and more people began to purchase television sets.
  • Houses and hotels can be sold back to the bank for half their purchase price.
  • Each had its own system and staff were appointed by purchase or patronage.
  • Later land purchases means that most of the site is now under public ownership.
  • The whole collection was purchased for a handsome amount by the Dutch government.
  • She hoped to make a film out of the production, but nobody purchased the rights.
  • Local purchasing is often claimed to be better for the environment and better for working conditions.
  • Some older standards are not available for free, or for purchase.
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Meaning of purchase

  • noun The acquisition of something for payment
    they closed the purchase with a handshake
  • noun Something acquired by purchase
  • noun A means of exerting influence or gaining advantage
    he could get no purchase on the situation