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  • Had it proved necessary, we could have returned later for another punitive mission.
  • A letter will usually be sent prior to any punitive action.
  • This was a punitive measure directed against these countries for their support of Israel during that war.
  • Such an action takes the colour of punitive measure which should be denied under law.
  • Soviet authorities used even punitive medicine in their efforts to restrict human rights movement.
  • These punitive measures were later extended to most of the other colonies as well.
  • They do so by serving as examples in word and deed, rather than using punitive means.
  • The majority of the country's infrastructure was destroyed during this punitive attack.
  • She stayed there for a number of years and participated in at least one punitive expedition.
  • This data alone however may not support the assertion that the country is more punitive than in the past.
  • The young man discovers gradually the culture that he had been denied him due to a punitive religious education.
  • In addition to actions against villages the British Army also conducted punitive actions in the cities.
  • Action by British forces included the punitive firebombing of several buildings in the town.
  • The government had little choice but to return service to the commercial airlines, but did so with several punitive conditions.
  • At first the government tried to stop the flight by introducing punitive interest rates.
  • Henry led another punitive expedition into mid-Wales, but achieved nothing and his army suffered severely from bad weather.
  • The removal is not punitive, however, as these parties are allowed register themselves again.
  • The trust acquired the majority of its country houses in the mid 20th century, when death duties were at their most punitive.
  • Punitive damage awards generally require a higher showing than mere negligence, but lower than intention.
  • Mass rape seems to have been more common as a punitive measure during Roman civil wars than abroad.
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Meaning of punitive

  • adjective Inflicting punishment
    punitive justice, punitive damages