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  • He would publicly maintain that he had lost all interest in the project.
  • As far as is publicly known none have ever been built.
  • This has been possible since the source code was publicly released.
  • Standing up publicly as a Christian affected his career in several ways.
  • They were first described publicly in the US in the early 1960s.
  • These letters are publicly released and increase the body of knowledge on what exactly is and is not allowed.
  • People who speak publicly in a professional capacity are paid a speaking fee.
  • Many of his friends have said publicly that they regret that he ever gave up literature for politics.
  • The two found little common ground during their four years of service, often publicly feuding with each other.
  • He never publicly expressed an interest in doing so.
  • He refused to talk about her publicly or otherwise exploit their relationship.
  • However, he did not speak publicly of his politics.
  • Public domain works should not be confused with works that are publicly available.
  • This meant that the Pope could have announced the appointment publicly at some future time.
  • Grant said nothing publicly, but privately he wanted the job and encouraged his men.
  • The largest companies are usually publicly listed on stock exchanges around the world.
  • Both sides publicly claimed victory after the battle.
  • This marriage, though never announced or publicly discussed, was an open secret and lasted until his death.
  • Religious groups who do not have a physical structure are not allowed to gather publicly for prayer.
  • Publicly, he presented himself as a moderate on the world stage.
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Synonyms of publicly

Meaning of publicly

  • adverb In a manner accessible to or observable by the public; openly
    she admitted publicly to being a communist
  • adverb By the public or the people generally
    publicly provided medical care, publicly financed schools