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  • The power companies involved have not publicised their attempts to change the district plan.
  • It was the last album the group released before a much-publicised split.
  • The school has widely publicised these claims since at least the 1980s.
  • This is the first publicised incident of its kind in the club's history.
  • Her beauty and background caused her appearance in the film to be much publicised in the local media.
  • Full financial information may not be publicised prior to that date.
  • It was highly publicised because the Queen had never been seen on such a programme before.
  • The case was highly publicised and attracted significant media and political attention.
  • The game evoked great public interest and only helped publicise the club further.
  • The band performed secret lives and they were not widely publicised.
  • The museum is currently located in an industrial estate, and is not well publicised.
  • Events at each village were scheduled and publicised in Indian and foreign press.
  • The test was heavily publicised and shown on BBC news throughout the day.
  • Brown initially had strong public support and plans for a quick general election were widely publicised, though never officially announced.
  • Clear the Air has organised many events in publicising the importance of good air quality.
  • They and the minister built up support for the church by visiting people in their houses and publicising it.
  • It is currently publicised to promote knowledge of the history of the class and ship.
  • While most guests appeared on the show to publicise something, they rarely got a chance to.
  • Numerous well-publicised projects did not go into production.
  • Throughout the operation, the service was well publicised in the local papers, at first with an offer.
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