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  • Her natural hair color was likely light brown, as some pubic hair was found.
  • While the practice is mainly associated with women, men at times also remove pubic hair.
  • And shall the pubic act without an end, a view, a plan? Cited from The Querist, By George Berkley
  • And yet, whether all private ends are not included in the pubic? Cited from The Querist, By George Berkley
  • The person may not develop pubic hair and will have a small sex drive or none at all.
  • Some pain above the pubic bone or in the lower back may be present.
  • One was faced down and the other on his side with hands reaching the pubic region of the female.
  • In color, pubic hair does not always match head hair.
  • Models wear very little make-up and many have a full patch of pubic hair.
  • He then removed some of his pubic hair and rubbed it over the flag.
  • The clip he played was all black, except for a single spot that revealed her pubic hair.
  • In addition to his arm, part of his chest, his feet and his pubic region are missing.
  • The pubic bone has a front surface that is wider than the side surface.
  • Pubic hair often appears on a boy shortly after the genitalia begin to grow.
  • Some women may develop a small line of hair from the pubic area up to the navel.
  • The album cover featured a photo showing a woman's pubic hair.
  • And yet, if there was not, whether this would be a good argument against the use of reason in pubic affairs? Cited from The Querist, By George Berkley
  • All their body hair has been removed, except for perhaps tidily trimmed pubic hair.
  • People may also remove some or all of their pubic hair for aesthetic or sexual reasons.
  • The government refused to allow one controversial shot, which gave a brief glimpse of pubic hair.
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Meaning of pubic

  • adjective Relating or near the pubis
    pubic bones, pubic hair