psychologically unstable

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  • Her fifth novel, it follows the destructive love triangle between a psychologically unstable girl, her charming husband, and her volatile brother-in-law.
  • Unfortunately, he was suffering from consequences of a trauma, was psychologically unstable and could not remember his identity, where his family lived and many other details.
  • It becomes clear at this point that Winston is psychologically unstable.
  • The experiments had the consequence of making him psychologically unstable, and in particular prone to violent and animalistic behavior.
  • He is psychologically unstable, drinks heavily and cheats on his wife although he is also oddly protective of her, insisting that his daughters watch her all the time.
  • In 2003 a twenty-eight-year-old Cypriot man was barred from getting a driver's license because he was regarded as "psychologically unstable."
  • Andrzej Ostrowski and his wife, Miss Ostrowska had an accident in the past which made them both psychologically unstable, but as they have no power left, everything is under control.
  • O'Toole made his decision after three psychiatrists examined Baumhammers, each coming to the conclusion that Baumhammers was psychologically unstable.
  • While investigating the crime, he runs afoul of the local Chinese mob and uncovers a web of infidelity, organized crime, and psychologically unstable actors.
  • His second picture The Kate Logan Affair is a dark and mysterious thriller starring Alexis Bledel playing a psychologically unstable police woman.
  • The Kate Logan Affair is about a young psychologically unstable police woman named Kate Logan and a married Frenchman who find themselves caught up in a dramatic twisted affair.
  • It concerns two sisters, Bessie, their father's saintly caretaker who has leukemia, and Lee, a wisecracking, psychologically unstable free spirit who has not helped with the caretaking.
  • One of the first clinic patients House must treat is psychologically unstable Eve (Katheryn Winnick), who is diagnosed with chlamydia.
  • After joining Atheos, Aiko helps battle the Chimeras, fighting her third one down in a subway, where she shows first signs of being psychologically unstable and had thought herself to have eaten it before Sudo comes to rescue her.
  • It turns out that Oerstadt was angry at the U.S. government after being turned down for enlistment by the Marine Corps and Army, who believed Oerstadt was overcommitted and psychologically unstable.
  • In 2012, Gomez starred in the British film, The Wedding Video, portraying the psychologically unstable wedding planner.