psychologically tortured

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  • They were moved to various locations throughout the time they were held captive and were psychologically tortured.
  • Those who refused to sign were physically and psychologically tortured.
  • A group of space troopers are psychologically tortured in an alien prisoner-of-war camp.
  • Oliver discovers that his father psychologically tortured to suicide or allowed several of his patients to be killed under the guise of accidents during treatment.
  • Day after day he is physically and psychologically tortured and Simpsons attempts to brainwash him with anti-American diatribes.
  • During his first twelve days in Syrian detention, Arar was interrogated for eighteen hours per day and was physically and psychologically tortured.
  • Commander Lloyd M. Bucher was psychologically tortured, such as being put through a mock firing squad in an effort to make him confess.
  • After causing a scandal by refusing to take her vows at the strict convent, she is physically and psychologically tortured by both the nuns and her family.
  • After going through her affidavit detailing how she was physically and psychologically tortured and abused in obscene languages by her interrogators, I have to express my shock and outrage.
  • Jason is then taken to the dungeons of Felrook (Maldor's fortress) to be psychologically tortured.
  • In lines 1-8 the poet wonders how he could possibly return to a happy from his travels as he is oppressed by the toil of work during the day, while emotionally and psychologically tortured by visions of the beloved by night.
  • In the 2003 story, Batman: Death and the Maidens, Ra's is apparently killed and Talia psychologically tortured until she disavows her love of Batman.
  • Nektar was being psychologically tortured and blackmailed by orphidnet "beetles" for criticizing presidential candidate Dick Too Dibbs (and refusing to run Dibbs' ads), the cousin of the disgraced former president, and the four visit her home to clear the beetles.