psychologically damaging

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  • Not only does she put herself in a dire financial situation, she also places herself in a psychologically damaging situation with her family and husband.
  • He argues that trying to toilet train before this age could be coercive and therefore psychologically damaging.
  • Frankl observed that it may be psychologically damaging when a person's search for meaning is blocked.
  • Such shame may not be psychologically damaging if the membership is voluntary and the rules of behavior were clear before the person joined.
  • The earlier treatment is initiated, the easier and faster the treatment is and the less psychologically damaging.
  • In the 1970s, the organization began eyeing rodeo and its "psychologically damaging" effect on children.
  • The guards and prisoners adapted to their roles more than they were expected, stepping beyond predicted boundaries, leading to dangerous and psychologically damaging situations.
  • Several authors consider open marriages to be psychologically damaging.
  • For girls who have an earlier onset of puberty, outcomes have generally pointed towards the general conclusion that the early onset can be psychologically damaging.
  • Prisoners and guards had rapidly adapted to their roles, stepping beyond the boundaries of what had been predicted and leading to dangerous and psychologically damaging situations.
  • It has become normal for authorities to isolate individuals in a monitored environment until they pass excretia and/or to x-ray the individual as it is less invasive and psychologically damaging.
  • This was not only physically stressful, but psychologically damaging as well.
  • Mental health psychologist Paul Martin said such comments would be psychologically damaging to young gay people, stating "the last thing they need to hear are these kinds of offensive comments from people who purport to represent 'family values'."
  • Chang suffered a nervous breakdown in August 2004, which her family, friends and doctors attributed in part to constant sleep deprivation and heavy doses of psychologically damaging prescription medication.
  • Studies have shown that social isolation and marginalization at school are psychologically damaging to LGBT students, and that GSAs and other similar peer-support group can be effective providers of this "psychosocial support."
  • Additionally, advertising sustains consumerism, which disintegrates societal demeanor, delivered in bulk and informing the masses that happiness can be bought, an idea that is psychologically damaging.
  • While the law does not prohibit proselytizing by registered religious groups, it limits such activity by forbidding spreading religious views to nonbelievers by "force, pressure, material incentives, deception, or means which harm health or morals or are psychologically damaging."
  • Peter Birkenhead of Salon magazine argued that this idea is pseudoscience and psychologically damaging, as it trivializes important decisions and promotes a quick-fix material culture, and suggest Winfrey's promotion of it is irresponsible given her influence.