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  • I was all for waiting prudently till the Count made the first move. Cited from An African Millionaire, by Grant Allen
  • June saw no one; she kept her prudently in the house. Cited from The Junior Classics, Various
  • My family had ever lived prudently, and I knew that was not the cause. Cited from Twenty-Two Years a Slave, and Forty Years a Freeman, by Austin Steward
  • I sat prudently still till he returned, which he did in a few minutes, laughing. Cited from My Doggie and I, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Such a man, more-ever, must be treated prudently, as he can make himself useful. Cited from His Excellency the Minister, by Jules Claretie
  • No one in the world could have planned the affair more prudently than he had planned it. Cited from The Late Mrs. Null, by Frank Richard Stockton
  • At any rate we must set to work very prudently and cautiously, do you understand? Cited from The Bride Of The Nile, by Georg Ebers, v7
  • You may be prudently attached to great men and yet independent. Cited from Life Of Johnson, V2, by Boswell, ed. Birkbeck Hill
  • He is taking his ground, I think, prudently, and is likely to get on. Cited from The Journal of Sir Walter Scott, by Walter Scott
  • She opened wide the doors of the van and looked prudently forth. Cited from The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories, by Arnold Bennett
  • Now we see what we ought to seek, and how prudently. Cited from Letters of Catherine Benincasa,Catherine Benincasa
  • This had made him prudently cut our conversation short and return to his friends in the inn. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. XII, No. 28. July, 1873, by Various
  • As you forced me to decide, I decided as I thought most prudently. Cited from A Publisher and His Friends, by Samuel Smiles
  • For the end indeed is to choose and receive these things prudently. Cited from Works Volume 3: Essays and Miscellanies, Plutarch
  • But precisely because it has this high value it will need to be used prudently. Cited from The Craft of Fiction, by Percy Lubbock
  • Just go on as prudently as you can, for the present. Cited from Our Friend the Charlatan, George Gissing
  • The little Shadow prudently got off his horse and used its body as a shield. Cited from The Luck of Thirteen, by Jan Gordon and Cora J. Gordon
  • Yet he set to work swiftly and prudently, helping with his own hands when occasion required. Cited from Cleopatra, by Georg Ebers, v4
  • He prudently elected to change his style of attack. Cited from A Prefect's Uncle, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • I believe you'll allow that I acted prudently upon this occasion. Cited from She Stoops to Conquer, by Oliver Goldsmith
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Meaning of prudently

  • adverb In a prudent manner
    I had allotted my own bedroom for necking, prudently removing both the bed and the key, and taken both myself and my typewriter into my son's bedroom.