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  • They can be said to be learning within the zone of proximal development.
  • They usually occur in an isolated body part, such as the proximal arm.
  • Third person is distinguished not only in gender but also in remote-proximal level.
  • The second, learning should take place in the learner's zone of proximal development.
  • Another key idea within the theory of social interactionism is that of the zone of proximal development.
  • It then affects the hand and moves on to more proximal areas on the same side of body.
  • We have social connections with people who are not proximal to ourselves.
  • He also focuses on language development and identifies the zone of proximal development.
  • Then, the difference between the higher level of potential and the lower level of actual development indicates the zone of proximal development.
  • Effects of proximal processes are thus more powerful than those of the environmental contexts in which they occur.
  • Proximal to the band is dark brown scaling which becomes brighter toward the wing base.
  • Proximal muscles are always affected earlier and to a greater degree than distal.
  • Early childhood development researchers commonly believe that young children generally learn their native language and motor skills through being placed in the zone of proximal development.
  • This may result in the build up of these drugs in the proximal tubule cells.
  • Such variation of adsorbed species upon approach has also been referred to as proximal adsorption.
  • The middle are remarkably small and short, but rather broader than the proximal.
  • The second key element is what Vygotsky called the Zone of proximal development.
  • His theory included the Zone of proximal development.
  • Similarly, more proximal goals have greater motivation impact than those that are very long range or distal goals.
  • The third level, organizational morale, is a proximal effect of the second level related to practice and policy.
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Meaning of proximal

  • adjective Situated nearest to point of attachment or origin
    the proximal end of a bone