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  • Those few functions that are constructed on hard mathematical problems are called provably secure.
  • We soon found we could get direct testimony on physical features which were provably untrue. Cited from Pathology of Lying, Etc. by William and Mary Healy
  • A later Finnish report showed that only one victim had provably been shot at close range.
  • Some of these stories are provably false, while others could be true but lack any contemporary corroborating evidence.
  • Provably secure means that finding collisions is as difficult as some known hard mathematical problem.
  • Functions with these properties are known provably secure and are quite unique among the rest of hash functions.
  • The section requires proof that the announcement is both provably false, and has actual or likely market impact.
  • As usual, provably security comes at a cost.
  • Roughly half of the facts provided by Jones are provably false with another quarter being unverifiable.
  • The idea is to choose \lambda as small as possible so that all elements are provably covered with non-zero probability.
  • To those variables and expressions which are provably equivalent, the same value number is assigned.
  • If there were one, then the halting set would be decidable, which is provably false.
  • Lipton showed that randomized testing can be provably useful, given the problem satisfied certain properties.
  • The function is then called provably secure, or just provable.
  • Henry's son Otto the Great provably stayed at the Pfalz five times.
  • These forms of negation are logical negations, i.e. they state that something is provably not the case.
  • One such approximation is AIXItl, which performs as least as well as the provably best time t and space l limited agent.
  • Neats care whether their reasoning is both provably sound and complete and that their machine learning systems can be shown to converge in a known length of time.
  • This guarantee is not given by most other provably secure hash functions.
  • It's provably impossible to create an algorithm that can losslessly compress any data.
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