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  • Then the moment passed and he was himself again, matter-of-fact, prosaic. Cited from The Tempting of Tavernake, by E. Oppenheim
  • Now comes somewhat of a return to the more prosaic side of life. Cited from Round the World, by Andrew Carnegie
  • I have been the best friend you ever had in this cold, prosaic world. Cited from The Grey Wig: Stories and Novelettes, by Israel Zangwill
  • Once she looked up suddenly at as prosaic a place as the dinner-table. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 36, September 1880, by Various
  • The people who feel their own age prosaic are those who see only its costume. Cited from The Function Of The Poet And Other Essays, by James Russell Lowell
  • He was even more disappointed than she had been over their prosaic meeting. Cited from From Jest to Earnest, by E. P. Roe
  • But it happened, as such things usually do, after the most prosaic fashion possible. Cited from From Jest to Earnest, by E. P. Roe
  • Our first meeting was brought about in a most prosaic way. Cited from Much Darker Days, by Andrew Lang (AKA A. Huge Longway)
  • You are, in fact, rather prosaic, and only believe what you see. Cited from The Dangerous Age, by Karin Michaelis
  • We thus get an idea of the solid, prosaic character of the woman herself. Cited from Jean Francois Millet, by Estelle M. Hurll
  • We hope they did, or could have done, in the prosaic field, much better than that. Cited from Essays AEsthetical, by George Calvert
  • Perhaps she was right, but it didn't seem so prosaic at the time. Cited from The Heather-Moon, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  • I try to mix all the poetry possible in prosaic every-day life. Cited from Mary at the Farm and Book of Recipes. . ., by Edith M. Thomas
  • The more prosaic part of the business had then to be attended to. Cited from The Life of Columbus, by Arthur Helps
  • Your real artist has a hard time of it in this prosaic world doesn't he? Cited from Red Pepper's Patients, by Grace S. Richmond
  • How well the girl knew that the faithful slave meant other and less prosaic help! Cited from Miss Lou, by E. P. Roe
  • He was a practical man, and he took a prosaic view of the world. Cited from Saracinesca, by F. Marion Crawford
  • We must walk on our feet, and be prosaic in this world. Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 329, March 1843, Vol. 53
  • Yet the poem is far from being composed throughout in a prosaic spirit. Cited from Wordsworth, by F. W. H. Myers
  • See how, even in his lighter or prosaic manner, he cannot avoid great lines. Cited from Avril, by H. Belloc
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