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  • The latter term is therefore properly more special than the former one.
  • This could cause problems when it became too dark to see properly.
  • The order is very important in order to properly display the final result.
  • Properly a new name is given, which becomes the person's name.
  • Individual parties are properly listed in separate articles under the page for each nation.
  • It took some time to run properly but soon organized meetings between the teams in schools.
  • Military command properly so-called was a political office in Rome.
  • Note that this approach does not properly separate the advance operation from the actual data access.
  • Whenever he is away from her he can't even attend to business properly.
  • It is possible that this leads to women's needs not being properly represented.
  • A second not properly received could issue his own challenge.
  • This high temperature will cause heat and energy loss if the heat is not removed and used properly.
  • Once these were properly completed, studies would be over.
  • None of the more recent experiments have shown positive results when conducted under properly controlled conditions.
  • One may question however whether these entities are properly qualified to make culture policy.
  • But it is to the latter rather than to the former period that he properly belongs.
  • If they are not, it will not function properly and they will be left to their own devices.
  • Most of his inventions never function properly or are of no real use.
  • It cannot, however, be properly called an ancient, recognized symbol of the order.
  • In the following year, such work was carried out and the tower properly cleaned up.
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Meaning of properly

  • adverb In the right manner
    please do your job properly!, can't you carry me decent?