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  • She promptly told him that she was studying them in order to write one herself.
  • He promptly abandoned his university studies to begin this new career.
  • The novel was promptly bought by Fourth Estate and published three months later.
  • He gave me a brick, told me to draw it and promptly left the room.
  • It is promptly told to leave before the channel is changed.
  • They promptly led Broken Bow to its first appearance in a football state championship game.
  • The Animals promptly fled the country, leaving all their tour equipment behind.
  • New England promptly cut John after he played one game.
  • His accounts manager promptly called the police who surrounded Green's house.
  • She promptly underwent her first depth charge attack but suffered no damage.
  • They were released into the market anyway with no promotion, and promptly sold out.
  • He promptly evicted much of the town council as well as the city secretary and fire chief.
  • It promptly exercised this right and left the Free State two days later.
  • The State Department also expressed the desire that any necessary arrangements be made promptly.
  • The two men were released promptly but Wagner was held for three months.
  • He was found each time and promptly returned.
  • He promptly returned them to the association president.
  • If it had been discovered and treated promptly, the condition could have been fixed with minor surgery.
  • She promptly lost it to Christian an hour later after getting a door slammed in her face.
  • The truth quickly came out and the baby promptly returned to its real parents, who chose to not press charges.
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Meaning of promptly

  • adverb With little or no delay
    the rescue squad arrived promptly, come here, quick!
  • adverb In a punctual manner
    he did his homework promptly
  • adverb At once (usually modifies an undesirable occurrence)
    he promptly forgot the address