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  • His promising start, though, did not last once he returned from military service.
  • He was released only after promising he would move to England.
  • He worked with the club's youth set-up, bringing in promising non-league players.
  • Her work was noticed and she was recognized as a promising new author.
  • Nevertheless, its author was recognized as the most promising young poet of his time.
  • He appointed to government service many men of no rank, but who had shown promising talent.
  • These have not yet been widely adopted but represent a promising development.
  • King was reinstated only one week later after promising to take a more active role.
  • As a general rule, one should test the most promising candidates first.
  • It was going to be a very promising market for the artist.
  • Just at this time his affairs did not look promising.
  • Instead, they issued paper notes promising to pay that amount should the note be presented in their office.
  • However after this promising start they failed to make the finals.
  • After initially promising a court fight, she decided not to appeal his ruling.
  • By the age of twenty he was recognized as one of the most promising scholars of his time.
  • However, despite very promising wind tunnel and model work, his designs were not adopted.
  • The international presence has included many of the most promising young British fashion designers.
  • After a promising start to the season, the form began to slip away over the winter period.
  • Help groups were set up to help those involved in the production to build more promising futures.
  • Although the development had a promising start there was relatively little activity during the Civil War years.
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Root form of promising is promise for the verb.

Words starting with promising

Meaning of promising

  • verb Make a promise or commitment
  • verb Promise to undertake or give
    I promise you my best effort
  • verb Give grounds for expectations
    The new results were promising, The results promised fame and glory