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  • Info A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something. more...
  • He promised never to work with a character he did not own ever again.
  • Then he promised her that all the things she wished for she would have.
  • They promise to meet after she gets off work at six the next evening.
  • There they promise to serve God for the next three or five years.
  • You have promised me that I am the only woman you see.
  • This commission promised to protect their religious rights, but did not do so.
  • Thus ended the short life of an officer of great principle and promise.
  • He promised to do so but did not get around to the task for some months.
  • He also makes her promise that afterwards she will go to the newspaper and report his death.
  • The team was not very successful on the ice, but showed promise for future seasons.
  • He had previously promised his wife to stop having affairs, should he survive.
  • The government promised a new era of economic growth and democratic justice.
  • He also promised not to fight against France for seven years.
  • She said that she refused to break promises made by the party during the election.
  • Both nations also promised to work towards an ending of the international slave trade.
  • The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep.
  • Ancient sources suggest that they had received only half their promised pay.
  • The military kept their promise to return the country to democratic civilian rule.
  • For He promised what He Himself would do, not what men would do.
  • Of course, all the promises would be broken soon enough, but they served their purpose.
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Meaning of promise

  • noun A verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future
  • noun Grounds for feeling hopeful about the future
    there is little or no promise that he will recover
  • verb Make a promise or commitment
  • verb Promise to undertake or give
    I promise you my best effort
  • verb Give grounds for expectations
    The new results were promising, The results promised fame and glory