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  • Flowers are produced most prolifically between September and December in its native range.
  • He continued to record country music prolifically until he retired, yet country radio refused to play his singles.
  • It was not until he retired, however, that he began writing prolifically.
  • During her time there she continued to perform and wrote prolifically for various publications.
  • She was involved with the company she founded, as well as painting prolifically, up until her death.
  • During this time he developed his style and wrote prolifically.
  • He has taken some part in politics, but he continues to write, though not so prolifically as before. Cited from The Short-story, by William Patterson Atkinson
  • Many of the best-known names in model engineering are of those who wrote prolifically in the model engineering press.
  • He himself wrote prolifically for his own magazine: short stories, poems, and folk songs.
  • In the following years, bad health plagued him, though he continued to write prolifically.
  • He wrote prolifically through his final years, and published poetry, plays, and prose.
  • Over the next ten years, he traveled frequently and published prolifically.
  • They wrote prolifically, but many of their songs from this period remained unreleased for many years.
  • He has recorded prolifically for many record labels since the mid-1970s.
  • Throughout his life, he continued to write prolifically on political and social issues and campaign for human rights and the cause of justice.
  • She has published in leading academic journals prolifically for almost four decades.
  • Over the years he has also worked prolifically as a freelance professional musician.
  • She wrote prolifically, publishing thousands of pages and debate continues about her work.
  • During the 1980s and early 1990s, Henry continued to perform and record prolifically.
  • Until his last years, he prolifically created visual art.
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