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  • Players may change the race of their character during their progression.
  • No treatment has been attempted due to the rapid progression of the disease.
  • Due to the progression of the disease named after him, it was the final game in his career.
  • Drug treatment will usually stop this progression if started early.
  • Conditions for progression from one degree to the next varies somewhat between the countries.
  • Similar to most platform games, progression between areas is limited by the abilities the player currently has.
  • It details his personal relationship with his first car and follows his progression as a car lover.
  • This is an attention-getting call that is derived from the progression call.
  • Some of the most complex plays may even have an emotional progression from scene to scene.
  • Who wanted chords, all these progressions that had been used to death in rock?
  • Boat design progression is rather limited year to year.
  • West Germany was already assured of progression to the second round whatever the result.
  • Drug therapy can slow down progression and in some cases even improve the heart condition.
  • They followed along with the progression of the Mass by means of a complex flag code.
  • Early games often featured a level system of ascending difficulty as opposed to progression of story-line.
  • Treatment at this stage limits further progression, but has only slight effect on damage which has already occurred.
  • A state machine generally has no notion of such a progression.
  • As a result, prices should also fall with the progression of time.
  • As he grew in age, he was given a progression of higher and higher posts, although without actual power.
  • The problem may be said to consist in finding the first and last terms of these progressions. Cited from Amusements in Mathematics, by Henry Ernest Dudeney
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Meaning of progression

  • noun A series with a definite pattern of advance