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  • It was the first personal computer to be sold without a programming language at all.
  • When all radio was live, it allowed programming to be recorded.
  • Their small programming team allowed for a larger design group.
  • One advantage of the black box technique is that no programming knowledge is required.
  • It is very difficult to determine what are the most popular of modern programming languages.
  • Getting TV programming shown to the public can happen in many different ways.
  • In addition to music, a limited amount of local talk programming is heard on most full-service stations.
  • The show was part of the station's original programming line-up and continues to this day.
  • They are usually used within the context of a computer programming language.
  • This brought more family-friendly programming that had been lacking among its major competition.
  • The program may be simplified if the programming language includes complex data type operations.
  • Towards the end of the 1950s, machine-independent programming languages were first proposed.
  • All three networks have stations in major cities that offer local programming.
  • Several concepts for music video television programming had been around since the early 1960s.
  • C TV's programming line-up includes local and foreign content.
  • Many other radio stations in the city broadcast at least an hour of Irish language programming per week.
  • Different programming languages are used depending on the purpose of the program.
  • The process aspects of computer programming are often referred to as software engineering.
  • It offered a general-purpose programming language, following a stream-processing model.
  • It should only include people associated with non-fiction programming, not actors.
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Root form of programming is program for the verb.

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Meaning of programming

  • noun Creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something
  • verb Arrange a program of or for
    program the 80th birthday party
  • verb Write a computer program