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  • Resources spent on risk management could have been spent on more profitable activities.
  • Many families in town found the industry as a profitable one at the time.
  • The company had not had a profitable quarter in more than five years.
  • Over time, it became one of the most successful and profitable independent stations in the country.
  • After many years the increase over time is substantial if the business is profitable.
  • During the next ten years he seized every opportunity for profitable travel.
  • In small city or rural areas, this means a smaller area is available as profitable.
  • The game industry was growing, and the company was becoming very profitable.
  • Based on equipment he developed, he built a highly profitable business.
  • His estate soon stopped being profitable, and he began going into debt.
  • Second, the radio division had not been profitable for many years.
  • The canal then became the middle section of a much longer and more profitable canal.
  • Other research indicated that a low market share strategy could still be very profitable.
  • The airport has since become one of the more profitable in the United Kingdom.
  • Some of these lines had never been profitable and were not subject to loss of traffic in that period.
  • The overall process is not profitable, but does provide some cost relief.
  • His name was enough to open a show, but they had shorter, less profitable runs.
  • The Strip route was their only profitable route and supported the whole bus system.
  • Animal House became one of the most profitable movies of all time.
  • All divisions are now profitable, although it took the golf course several years to break even.
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Meaning of profitable

  • adjective Yielding material gain or profit
    profitable speculation on the stock market