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  • Info Profiles is an album by Pink Floyd's drummer Nick Mason and 10cc's guitarist Rick Fenn, released in 1985.
  • This is because the game now includes game profiles which players can access.
  • Some of the character details in the profiles had never made it into an episode.
  • This means that many of the features listed are not supported in some profiles.
  • Today the Small Schools have developed many different profiles for the programs.
  • All five are equally effective but have slightly different side effect profiles.
  • It not only has information on existing groups, but also includes the profiles for groups that no longer exist.
  • The magazine covers engineering and new technology and features profiles of leaders in the field.
  • The information listed is according to their profiles, in official order.
  • Profiles usually include a free format description about their owner and what they seek in a partner.
  • A user can create multiple profiles for his or her account.
  • The book profiles species, conservation issues and people who have dedicated their lives to making a difference.
  • In recent years, methods have been developed that allow the comparison of profiles directly to each other.
  • This site includes research, policy, model program profiles, articles, links and ways to get involved.
  • They say they have identified almost three thousand such profiles, most of which have been deleted.
  • Accident profiles can change over time, and this can be considered a form of migration.
  • We all have different profiles of thinking styles which can change over situations and time of life.
  • For most social networks, users have to give personal information to add to their profiles.
  • Each god can have other daemons that do not fit the above profiles.
  • Ongoing research in the future will also improve their temperature treatment profiles.
  • An implementation of the standard need not provide all features, and so Profiles are provided.
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Root form of profiles is profile for both verb and noun.

Meaning of profiles

  • noun An analysis (often in graphical form) representing the extent to which something exhibits various characteristics
    a biochemical profile of blood, a psychological profile of serial killers
  • noun An outline of something (especially a human face as seen from one side)
  • noun Biographical sketch
  • noun A vertical section of the earth's crust showing the different horizons or layers
  • verb Write about
    The author of this article profiles a famous painter
  • verb Represent in profile, by drawing or painting