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  • The following is a list of episodes for the television show Profiler.
  • The profiler says this makes her look like a would-be suicide bomber.
  • The Profiler can also be used to measure code coverage during software testing.
  • ACT WorkKeys also offers two job analysis products that can be used without the help of a job profiler.
  • From within the profiler, the application is launched and executed normally for a period of time.
  • Both these methods use a Laser beam profiler to measure how much power is delivered to a given area.
  • A system profiler is a program that can provide detailed information about the software installed and hardware attached to a computer.
  • They also provide services based on the use of their software product, D-Profiler and also offer it as a product for purchase.
  • The Profiler has been translated and released in Korea as well as in Germany.
  • Statistical Profiler - profiles a data series to help determine where and when the next event is most likely to occur.
  • FBI profiler Will Graham is asked to return from early retirement to aid in his capture.
  • The company has several registered patents under its Laser beam profiler technology.
  • By the end of the film the psychological profiler is dead, and the police blame him for all three murders.
  • System Profiler can be extremely useful if attempting to diagnose a hardware problem.
  • The profiler result consists of details such as time spent in each sub routine which can be drilled down to the instruction level.
  • System Monitor programs in mainframes essentially provide the same function as system profiler programs on personal computers.
  • The copycat murderer was the police psychological profiler, who had been having an affair with the high school student.
  • Her father was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty, as was fellow profiler Derek Morgan's father.
  • Later, however, they discover that he is not really a criminal profiler; he is just extremely rich and is working "for fun."
  • Besides his academic intellect and skill as a profiler, Sweets has various interests outside of psychology.
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