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  • A high profile storyline for the character was when he began to question his sexual orientation.
  • A high profile storyline for the character was when he got his girlfriend Bridget pregnant.
  • Penny left Roy in the early 1980s, in a high-profile storyline that was covered on national television news.
  • Initially appearing as a protagonist, Dom soon developed into a much more sinister character who was key to several high profile storylines.
  • Her most high profile storyline took place in 2003 when she feuded with Dawn Marie.
  • The rivalry between the two dates back to early 2011 when the two began a long running, very high profile storyline feud between the two.
  • At the time, Lucy Benjamin expressed fear that the high profile storyline would spell the end of her character, who she had thought would be imprisoned.
  • The character's popularity increased rapidly following a series of high profile storylines, also developing a reputation as a "bad boy" and "sex symbol".
  • Another high profile storyline saw Rachel discover she had chlamydia and a storyline where hairdressers found nit's in her hair.
  • In another high-profile storyline, Nicholas and Sharon's teenage daughter Cassie was killed off.
  • Marlena has been the subject of many high-profile storylines, including possession by the devil, a romantic relationship, and a serial killer storyline.
  • They became central to one of Brookside's first high profile storylines, when George was wrongly convicted of a warehouse robbery.
  • In 2007 Jessica was involved in a high profile storyline in which she held a house party in which she has a boiler illegally fixed.
  • Peggy has been central to numerous high-profile storylines, including a battle with breast cancer, a failed marriage to Frank Butcher, and various business and family upsets.
  • April's most high profile storyline is a romance with market inspector Michael Rose (Russell Floyd).
  • He has been at the centre of many high profile storylines including money laundering, a leg amputation, being held hostage, convicted to time in prison and many scams against fellow characters.
  • Sean was featured in a high profile storyline in which a earthquake and tsunami occur in Sunset Beach.
  • One of the most high-profile storylines featuring Louise was her affair with her daughter's husband Grant (Ross Kemp).
  • Olivia was featured in a high-profile storyline in which an earthquake and tsunami occur in Sunset Beach.
  • Wippleman's next high-profile storyline was later in 1995, when he managed his on-screen girlfriend Bertha Faye.
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