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  • The following examples describe a few of the higher profile events.
  • There are also many more lower profile events, like local fetes and markets.
  • Zhou held high-profile events for police forces to study party policies.
  • She has become synonymous with many of Northern Ireland television's highest profile events.
  • There are a number of high-profile events and fundraisers that occur during the summer season.
  • The UEA's annual convention is its largest and most high-profile event.
  • He was regularly present at high-profile events.
  • The high-profile event has always received network television coverage in the United States on the weekend.
  • BOP SORTs have participated in several high profile events over the last few years.
  • Abe performed at many live events, including some high-profile events like the Rock in Japan Festival.
  • Soon after the September primary, Mr. Bodenweiser failed to appear at many high profile events.
  • The group has often protested in high profile events, ranging from major political events to the Olympics.
  • As an experienced master of ceremonies she is a regular host of high-profile events/awards ceremonies across the country.
  • The spotlight agreed with him, and he subsequently staged a number of high-profile events that kept him in the public eye.
  • At the time in Russia, conversion of Jews was a rare and a high profile event.
  • He provides direction on brand programs and ads that appear on TV, radio, print, and high-profile events.
  • The annual Memphis in May celebration is a high-profile event in the park.
  • As far as high-profile events go, the stadium currently lies dormant in the heart of the inner west of Sydney.
  • It is also the location of numerous festivals, parades, political demonstrations, and other high-profile events year-round.
  • Popular Hot Rodding also covered high-profile events and the annual Engine Masters Challenge.
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