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  • The build contract for the main works is in the process of being procured.
  • Thus all arms procured during this period straight under grant aid.
  • The daughter company of the same name produced, procured and distributed the products.
  • Only three more wins were procured before the end of the year.
  • For that reason no more were procured, despite their better starting characteristics.
  • With personal and business matters agreed upon, supplies and a small ship were procured.
  • Two years later, she procured a Master of Arts from the same institution.
  • The program typically shows how the home is procured and where it is located before touring it.
  • Fresh meat could be procured throughout the year by those who could afford it.
  • He was living in Michigan at the time he procured his Social Security number.
  • It is not yet certain as to the number or type of vessels which will be procured.
  • They proceeded to build another house using locally procured, hand-made, red brick.
  • Industrial lines and railway workshops generally procured the engines of the same design.
  • It was a slow start to the season, with only two victories procured in their first eight games.
  • A very large stone was procured from a nearby building site and installed in the middle of the interior yard.
  • They procured all the material goods required by the Army, from clothing to weapons.
  • A parish in Scotland could have been procured, and he was called to a Virginia church.
  • It procured a post office two years later.
  • Please do not provide any copies of the actual telephone records or any other records procured.
  • Hammond procured rooms in his own college, and devoted himself to study and writing.
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Root form of procured is procure for the verb.

Meaning of procured

  • verb Get by special effort
    He procured extra cigarettes even though they were rationed