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  • He was wrong and was probably killed when the city fell.
  • These probably did not number much more than thirty.
  • The evidence from the site shows advanced technology probably under the control of army engineers.
  • Military applications are probably one of the largest areas for computer vision.
  • He probably wanted to make the needed repairs before going any further.
  • This rule probably developed to make it harder to run out after the first shot.
  • Dust fine enough to pass the entrance will probably pass through the shelter.
  • The two, however, probably never met after their youth.
  • These projects will probably happen in the near future too.
  • They are probably similar to the common ancestor of the two groups.
  • Dostoyevsky did not love her either, but they were probably good friends.
  • Most of these events were probably celebrated only by the priests and took place only inside the temple.
  • During the meeting, decisions on matters of politics and war were probably made in secret.
  • Thus, many probably continued to worship the traditional gods in private.
  • She tells him that she probably only has a year or two left to live, and therefore takes everything as it comes.
  • In case of urban settlement, they probably have a high population density.
  • He claimed that it was probably composed more than twelve hundred years ago during the first half of the eighth century.
  • Of at least seven species of landbirds present, most are probably introduced.
  • It was probably the fourth book ever printed in Italy.
  • Although little is known about his early life, he was probably born in Bristol, England.
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Meaning of probably

  • adverb With considerable certainty; without much doubt
    He is probably out of the country, in all likelihood we are headed for war