proactively with

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  • Some strategic block funds will intend on gaining board representation and most will work proactively with management, the board and shareholders on major issues of strategy, capital structure, management and performance.
  • Consequently, task sets persist over time and interfere proactively with the establishment of new task set configurations (see proactive interference).
  • The association engages actively and proactively with industry, political, legislative and regulatory bodies, while helping its members enhance the effectiveness of their advertising through a range of services.
  • It liaisons proactively with Delhi police to nab unscrupulous elements in the community.
  • Prior to that point, each major U.S. institutional intervention had been ad-hoc; critics argued this damaged investor and consumer confidence in the U.S. government's ability to deal effectively and proactively with the crisis.
  • Iran's refusal to cooperate proactively with the IAEA and its resistance to report to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) led to a diplomatic effort by the European council and its three members France, Germany and the United Kingdom to resolve this issue through negotiations.