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  • It also works proactively to improve public policy regarding land and water conservation.
  • These groups then use this information to proactively respond in order to stop the traffic.
  • Japanese companies proactively invest into rare earth mining in countries other than China.
  • The service sends information proactively via a real-time news stream.
  • An individual experiences positive personal growth when they are able to proactively cope with a difficult situation.
  • The government did not report proactively identifying any victims during the reporting period.
  • The group proactively provides experienced solutions throughout the intricate development process of a project.
  • They have also attended various seminars on human rights and have been proactively working on various issues and agenda.
  • To achieve this, the Bank is working proactively to attract new member states.
  • This comprehensive standard is intended to help organisations proactively protect its network.
  • Games that may not fully support the library and/or support the library unofficially or proactively are not listed.
  • Bates did groundbreaking research into how a person could proactively improve their visual conditions to improve their quality of life.
  • They look at issues affecting our community and tackle them proactively.
  • She is proactively analyzing the Arab world, but does not plan to write a novel about this any time soon.
  • Organizations may choose to proactively describe their business practices, producing a database of rules.
  • This can cause severe damage to the transition process and may lead to reluctance of players to move proactively in the future.
  • Many social organisations too have proactively promoted better conditions for Dalits through improved education, health and employment.
  • Other companies reacted to the law by proactively firing employees who would have come under the new guidelines.
  • Sometimes such issues can be fixed by proactively abstracting operating system functionality into a separate program module or library.
  • The plan is to transform a law student into an experienced, practical lawyer who can proactively deal with new challenges.
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