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  • He occasionally sent her prisoners for whom he had no further use.
  • He remained in a prisoner of war camp for the rest of the war.
  • It was known for ill treatment of prisoners and bad conditions throughout the years.
  • He spent part of the war in a German prisoner-of-war camp.
  • It had been kept for some weeks past in the prisoner's study. Cited from Life of John of Barneveld, 1619-23 by Motley
  • These prisoners were also forced to work on the building site.
  • No reference was made to whether prisoners were on board the aircraft at the time.
  • The prison continued to be in use after the release of the American prisoners.
  • The two men were taken prisoners at the nearby southern front.
  • The prisoners also played a significant role in the Northern Ireland peace process.
  • He was the last state prisoner to be held at the castle.
  • What happened next no living eye but the prisoner's ever saw. Cited from What's Bred In the Bone, by Grant Allen
  • Following orders not to take prisoners, the captain gives the command to back the ship away.
  • Each prisoner's name is taken away and replaced by a number.
  • As soon as they entered, the workers were shot by the prisoners, who killed one.
  • The new government released all political prisoners and committed itself to the protection of human rights.
  • Any dead stones removed at the end of the game become prisoners.
  • American officials decided to release the prisoners after a few weeks.
  • However, one-third told him they had seen US troops kill German prisoners.
  • The French men-at-arms were taken prisoner or killed in their thousands.
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Meaning of prisoner

  • noun A person who is confined; especially a prisoner of war