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  • He prioritizes his duty to his country over his family, his friends, even himself.
  • It prioritizes national self-interest over the interest of other nations or the international community.
  • It prioritizes physical well-being, which is crucial to leading a good human life.
  • This form of attack prioritizes nodes that occur most frequently over a period of time.
  • This form of attack prioritizes the most connected nodes as the most important ones.
  • The new search engine now prioritizes local businesses in its results rather than the results being dominated by regional or national companies.
  • However, he clearly prioritizes Bharathi's education over her need for quiet time.
  • National Youth Policy prioritizes the difficulties women have faced throughout history.
  • This mode prioritizes completion time ahead of other measures of success such as high scores.
  • This policy approach prioritizes efficiently teaching all available science to those who can use it, rather than investing in new science.
  • Planning policy prioritizes the development of existing town centers, although with patchy success.
  • SSI prioritizes new construction based on loses, which has some historical basis.
  • Today the organization prioritizes community engagement and individual focus.
  • The party prioritizes the creation of a sustainable and earth-friendly state.
  • Sometimes prioritizes national security over individual rights/ safety, causing her to make morally questionable choices.
  • This comes to a high when she asks him to quit Delta Force because he always prioritizes his career over their family.
  • The college also prioritizes gender equality in its student body, and the percentage of female students has now reached almost forty percent.
  • The site selection process prioritizes sites by the likelihood of finding high lead concentrations which could impact people.
  • Sonia prioritizes her career before her relationship with Daniel and ignores his needs.
  • A commonly used alternative is behavioral weight loss because it prioritizes physical health by maintaining a healthy weight.
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Root form of prioritizes is prioritize for the verb.

How prioritizes gets used

Meaning of prioritizes

  • verb Assign a priority to
    we have too many things to do and must prioritize