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  • He prioritized it because he believed he had found an easy way to express his thoughts.
  • It is more likely that standard traffic will be dropped instead of higher prioritized traffic.
  • Finally, projects can be prioritized so it is clear where resources should be dedicated first.
  • While she helped on the farm, her parents prioritized her education.
  • Scale-up is being prioritized to the most heavily affected areas first.
  • It seems like certain issues are being prioritized and some simply pass under the radar.
  • Cultural education is prioritized in equal terms with formal education in this school.
  • She never fully committed to the marriage and prioritized her career.
  • After all, the needs of the tribe must be met as problems are prioritized.
  • The massive new naval construction program had prioritized other types of ships.
  • Those who had studied in public schools were prioritized for the selection.
  • The treatment being prioritized can include the time spent on medical care, or drugs or other limited resources.
  • The administration, school board and teachers' union prioritized free resources to improve student success over local control.
  • The administration, school board and teachers' union prioritized local control over free resources to improve student success.
  • They were one electronic group that prioritized their live sound first before actually tackling the recording studio.
  • The prioritized list is used to direct the actual testing of the system.
  • This makes CAN very suitable as a real time prioritized communications system.
  • He then turned prioritized music in his life.
  • He was also strongly active with the socialist movement at the time, and he prioritized this over his own work.
  • According to Wilton, their label prioritized their album after they got the master of the album.
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Root form of prioritized is prioritize for the verb.

Meaning of prioritized

  • verb Assign a priority to
    we have too many things to do and must prioritize