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  • Once all the ideas are captured, the group can prioritize and/or take action.
  • These weights are then used during test case generation to prioritize test cases.
  • The next step was to prioritize between high, medium, and low areas of importance.
  • It will also help prioritize future actions and focus attention on key focal areas.
  • Abrams stated he would prioritize the film's story and characters over an early release date.
  • A newly developing nation will likely prioritize government and political matters over those of the arts and sciences.
  • However, I think that we need to prioritize our law enforcement efforts.
  • They prioritize their activities according to market demand, and the potential for large-scale social impact and economic returns.
  • The new intelligent system allows the network operator to prioritize capacity or quality per base station.
  • En Garde slowly fell apart because band members moved away or chose other bands to prioritize.
  • From there, they prioritize the problems, develop a plan for a solution, and take action.
  • Metro has worked over the past several years to plan and prioritize project funding and implementation.
  • They should prioritize their parents before giving priority to others.
  • This has since never materialized and is believed to have been pushed back to prioritize other activities.
  • Mothers are supposed to prioritize the needs of dependent children above all other activities.
  • He further prioritize areas of financial economics during his reign.
  • They can view and control any device connected to the network and prioritize resources by user, device or application.
  • This information can also be used to prioritize areas of future investment for the simulation.
  • The conciliator then has each of the parties separately prioritize their own list from most to least important.
  • The game requires players to prioritize their limited assets, since there are rarely enough to address all needs.
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Meaning of prioritize

  • verb Assign a priority to
    we have too many things to do and must prioritize