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  • Prioritization of boys' education over girls' leads to girls being removed from school earlier.
  • This has been defined as "the prioritization of use value over exchange value".
  • Master chief petty officers are then selected monthly from this prioritization list as positions become available.
  • Thus, one of the key steps in release planning is requirements prioritization.
  • The second task is concerned with rating the identified key activities, also known as prioritization.
  • Senior chief petty officers are then selected monthly from this prioritization list as positions become available.
  • Otherwise, there is no prioritization or rules to the communication outside of following local and federal laws regarding communication.
  • Prioritization of software requirements is a sub process of the release planning process.
  • Frequently, these studies also provide firms with a prioritization of the various recommended actions.
  • Problem prioritization should take into account the severity of the problems.
  • Program prioritization can be a significant issue, having the potential to affect the lives and goals of both students and faculty.
  • They demanded immediate government resignation and new elections, as well as rule of law and a prioritization of education.
  • The purpose of this was to assist with the connection and prioritization of multiple control units to a channel.
  • As the number of traffic flows increase, prioritization is necessary and performance failures may occur.
  • Having the development team fill this role results in the team making its own decisions on prioritization without real feedback from the business.
  • Phylogeography can help in the prioritization of areas of high value for conservation.
  • Another way to schedule data transfer that leads to similar results is through the use of prioritization coefficients.
  • Due to that prioritization, each conversion table offers more or less points depending on the priority of the field.
  • Due to this prioritization, construction of the site had to start before all the architectural drawings for the site were completed.
  • Dark pools are generally very similar to standard markets with similar order types, pricing rules and prioritization rules.
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