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  • He frequently works with government representatives across all parties and prioritises the politics of social justice and development issues.
  • Their official name tends to change with the way each state government prioritises public housing within its departmental structure.
  • Heathcote High prioritises student welfare and a close relationship between the school and the surrounding community.
  • It prioritises ability to exploit future customer opportunities over previous financial performance.
  • Bando prioritises defense over offense so that the student will be able to protect themselves should the need arise.
  • It prioritises scientific research as the basis of innovation, and plays down the role of later players in the innovation process.
  • The organisation prioritises peer support for individuals via its website, email, social media and telephone.
  • The agency's operation also prioritises children and young people, as well as the development and accessibility of Contemporary art throughout the country.
  • It focuses on integrated action, reflection and training; and prioritises local, technical, human and national resources.
  • Every Child Counts prioritises the educational needs of the children.
  • In general, business-to-business authentication prioritises security while user to business authentication tends towards simplicity.
  • However Sonia soon prioritises her daughter Rebecca over Naomi, and they split up.
  • Sex workers need health services and a justice system that prioritises our safety - which has to include our safety if we continue working, as well as if we choose to 'exit'.
  • The ten-year strategic plan prioritises four research themes with which Trinity College seeks to compete for funding at the global level.
  • There are two different editions of the site: a UK edition, which gives prominence to UK stories, and an international edition, which prioritises international news.
  • The management plan outlines the conservation value of the Reserve, its current state, areas of concern, threats to conservation and prioritises management and action required.
  • All PEAS schools operate a SmartAid model, a sustainable way of giving aid that prioritises local ownership and long-term sustainability.
  • In practice, however, the programme prioritises food transfers to areas affected by natural disasters where vulnerability is acute and infrastructure development has remained a secondary objective.
  • Based on its regulatory risk model, EPA prioritises its compliance and enforcement activity by addressing the biggest risk to the environment and health.
  • Instead, it prioritises values, meanings and relationships and sees progress in terms of engaging creatively with the service user movement, and communities.
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Root form of prioritises is prioritise for the verb.