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  • He attempted to get the party executive to prioritise increasing sales, with limited success.
  • Starting a family "made him prioritise his family over his career".
  • However, the maps also show ways to prioritise conservation investment into areas where those resources could be most effective.
  • However, as clerks do not prioritise pupils, it may take some time before they are paid for their work.
  • Chronically stressed individuals may therefore be less likely to be able to prioritise their health.
  • The concept is similar to the ABC analysis, commonly used by workers to help prioritise.
  • Some networks implement quality of service which can prioritise some types of packets above others.
  • She [Swinton] has an ability to prioritise what's really important in life.
  • The daughter survived, but Gaughan had to take stock of his life and re-prioritise things.
  • Malenkov was called of revisionism because of his wishes to prioritise light industry over heavy industry.
  • In the ensuing period, she took time out to prioritise her maternal role and also for her own healing.
  • They prioritise societies where mistreatment has become common place - through war, corruption or political motivation.
  • Subsequently he returned to the Bangalore-based film industry to prioritise his work in Kannada language films.
  • This caused the M&MR to prioritise work on this section, working west from Llangurig.
  • Much emphasis is laid on the necessity to prioritise national unity over the politics of separate ethnic communities.
  • They may fail to prioritise their responsibilities, placing their own firm's interests before those of the clients.
  • They also assert that they prioritise the concepts of duty, family, liberty, and the rule of law.
  • The Qianhai administration has stated that it will prioritise public transportation and sustainable development.
  • The flagship species concept appears to have become popular around the mid 1980s within the debate on how to prioritise species for conservation.
  • This enables them to plan for the future against the current and future abilities of staff, as well as to prioritise areas for skills development.
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