prior to entering

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  • He briefly worked for a local school district prior to entering law school.
  • Prior to entering into business life, he served as a Christian minister for several years.
  • Prior to entering full-time politics he ran an academy of European languages.
  • Prior to entering films he had a substantial stage career behind him.
  • His body was found the next day from his last known position prior to entering the cloud.
  • Prior to entering the financial sector she had worked in human rights.
  • Prior to entering politics, he was active as a union leader.
  • Prior to entering the film industry, he played tennis at national level.
  • She was a model prior to entering the movie industry.
  • Born in Scotland, he worked as a company representative prior to entering politics.
  • He played college football prior to entering the ring.
  • Prior to entering Congress, he was a professor of political science.
  • He worked as a private practice attorney prior to entering politics.
  • Prior to entering politics, he was a professional rugby union player.
  • Prior to entering politics, he was a school principal and teacher.
  • Prior to entering politics he managed a family-owned building and retailing business.
  • He practiced at a private law firm prior to entering local politics.
  • He worked for the Catholic Education Office prior to entering state politics.
  • Prior to entering politics, he was active in human rights and community healthcare.
  • Students must apply for these prior to entering the university.
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