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  • Prior to that, the island was also known by other names.
  • After a year and a half, he returned to his prior level of sexual activity.
  • Robert had died of a heart attack two months prior to Lee's birth.
  • Prior to that, the results were announced in early February.
  • The roof was closed for all prior playoff games and similar weather conditions.
  • Even street vehicles must pass a safety inspection prior to being allowed to race.
  • The state had no public schools prior to those established during the Reconstruction era.
  • The film bore little resemblance to any prior film or the original books.
  • On the prior hand, it is quite possible that the K is held by West.
  • Prior movements had all originated in cities which were home to at least two teams.
  • Augustus had performed the same games less than a century prior.
  • Poor understanding of needed process changes prior to starting implementation is a main reason for project failure.
  • A typical power station requires power for start up prior to being able to generate power.
  • Prior to this, his political views had largely been conservative.
  • This can include a number of different steps, some prior to transport, others immediately prior to consumption.
  • These frequently hold pre-meetings of their European Council members, prior to its meetings.
  • The party leaders are elected prior to the general elections by party memberships.
  • The monster went through several names prior to the final stages.
  • He revealed this part of his past in 1971 prior to his campaign for governor.
  • They never went to war against the United States prior to Indian Removal.
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Meaning of prior

  • noun The head of a religious order; in an abbey the prior is next below the abbot