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  • Info Printing is a process for reproducing text and images using a master form or template. more...
  • He also founded a printing press, which was the second national press in the country.
  • The development of printing made distribution of music possible on a wide scale.
  • It also sold its printing press division to an internal management team.
  • He soon brought her to live with him in the printing shop that served also as his home.
  • For many works prior to the printing press, the name of the author has been entirely lost.
  • He also worked on developing the first high-speed printing systems.
  • It went through seven printings even before its official release date.
  • It has been called the biggest change in the way we learn since the printing press.
  • They often have trouble printing large areas of the same or gradually changing color.
  • The novel received generally good reviews both upon its release and in subsequent printings.
  • Most of these changes happened before the arrival of printing in England.
  • The album had very limited printing, and was not well received by critics or the public.
  • For years, book printing was considered a true art form.
  • The invention of the printing press changed that since now books could be easily mass-produced.
  • The first few printings of the third edition are not marked as such.
  • It went through four printings first, and is now released again. Cited from The Best Short Stories of 1920, by Various
  • In the industrial era printing methods would be chosen to suit the purpose.
  • Despite this, newspaper printing still takes place at the building.
  • This edition went through numerous printings in various forms well into the twentieth century.
  • It was designed for three media companies: a newspaper printing plant, a radio station and a television studio.
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Root form of printing is print for the verb.

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Meaning of printing

  • noun Text handwritten in the style of printed matter
  • noun The business of producing printed material for sale or distribution
  • noun Reproduction by applying ink to paper as for publication
  • verb Put into print
    The newspaper published the news of the royal couple's divorce, These news should not be printed
  • verb Write as if with print; not cursive
  • verb Make into a print
    print the negative
  • verb Reproduce by printing